Review: Double Check

Double check app is an wonderful application with so many applicable app to our day to day work. Full credit to developers for this innovative and beautiful app. This app, I can gaurantee that it can solve many doubt and incovenience cause between mobile users and mobile operators.

User can find out the mobile operator of your contacts and cleanup your address book from no-longer-used numbers. Do you have free calls or free text messages towards numbers that belong to the same mobile operator with you? Are you sure the persons you talk or text really belong to the same operator? DoubleCheck! Save money and impress your friends by having this useful information about them in your address book.friends

The introduction of Mobile Number Portability allows anyone to change operator by keeping the same mobile number. Due to this fact, just looking at the phone number of your contacts is not enough to know which mobile operator they belong to.

Using Double Check’s easy and friendly interface, you identify the current mobile operator of your contacts and mark it in your address book.

With just a glance on your iPhone screen, this information is available everytime you place a call even doubleCheck can also help you to cleanup your address book from numbers that are no longer valid.

Start using Double Check today. Have fun finding out if your friends have switched mobile operators or if their number is still valid. Reduce your costs by knowing if the person you are contacting belongs to your free time/text plan.

Quick glimpes at the features of Double Check:
Identify the mobile operator of a contact in your address book
Mark the retrieved information in your address book with just a touch
Retrieved information is always available when you make a call or text your contacts
Identify the mobile operator of a mobile number not in your address book
Add the unknown number and the retrieved information to an existing contact or create a new one contact in your address book
All operators in 202 countries are supported (check the list below)
Identify invalid numbers in your address book

Double Check comes with 10 free checks. Additional checks can be purchased from within the application at the following prices:
Almost anyone in the world can benefit from Double Check since it covers all mobile operators in 202 countries.

Double check will never disappoint you in checking network related mobile operators and can also can save you a lot of time in researching which network your dear friend are using and even the people you are interested to know. This app is worth buying and worth using, and you will never regret buying this app.

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