Review: iOttie iON Wireless Stand Charger – Know how?

We have taken a look back at iOttie’s iON wireless charging lineup, which has gotten a chance on testing out with the offer in the iON series.  With this, one must note the fact, iON Wireless Stand Charger comes with a design as sharp with siblings to feature support with both portrait and landscape mode for wireless charging. Hence the compatibility to look from iPhone 8 up to iPhone XS Max is what getting featured.

With our review on iON Wireless Plus and Mini chargers, one has to make a note the fact is compelling options in a crowded market. Hence with iOttie, it does find one not offering a stand-style version until recently.


  • Qi-certified, 7.5W for iPhones
  • Features two Qi coils for support wireless charging both in portrait or landscape mode
  • Soft-heathered fabric finish which is available in three colours
  • 65-degree angle
  • Works with the cases which come up to 7-mm thick
  • USB-C cable and 18W power adapter included
  • iPhone 8 compatibility
  • Warranty for 2 years


Like other iON chargers of the wireless type, what one must note is the exterior, a new stand version, made most of a heathered fabric provide a great look and feel. Hence with the composition of a satin-finish plastic where the colour matches, each of the three available options: grey, ruby, or ivory. Hence, one must note, there is a test out with the grey one offering what I found to be a nice, clean, aesthetic. Also pairing nicely is with my space grey MacBook Pro and iPhone X.

Hence with the lip, the iPhone sat has a rubber pad preventing slippage and sliding, as it does the base of the stand. iOttie is using USB-C which is nice to see the cable and power adapter included. Hence, as a known fact, all of iOttie’s products comes as a “hassle-free” with a two-year warranty.


There are few benefits to call for where the Stand-style wireless chargers offer over pad-style chargers. Hence, one able to view and use, the phone is without picking it. Thus, it is considered one of the major advantages. Hence, with iPhones specifically, one gets the convenience of a seamless Face ID use where the iON Wireless Stand Charger is one of my favourite wireless chargers for a few reasons.

With this, one must appreciate the fact of design and look where the charger on its own is without an iPhone on it. With another aspect, what I really enjoyed: The one disappears in use. Hence with a shy of the iPhone X/XS, the only part stands to look at it is straight on, is the curved base giving the iON Wireless Stand Charger offering a bit of a floating iPhone effect.

One more design of choice appreciated was the lip where the iPhone comes to rests which do not have the bottom edge of the display.  With an interference, swiping up is unlocking your iPhone X or later.

With this, one must note, I do not often use my iPhone in landscape mode, Hence iPhone 8 Plus and XS Max users note getting the most benefit with extra landscape interface features.

While wireless chargers used by many, have adopted USB-C, however, not all work,  while plugging directly into your MacBook. Also to note the fact is – iON Stand Charger works connecting right to my MacBook Pro with the USB-C to USB-A cable and charger.

With criticism of note, one must love with a stand portion removable to offer both a stand and pad charger in one. There is also an LED indicator for charging, which usually does not like. However, one thing is a subtle white LED on the charger side. This is a notice without any use at my bedside table at night.


Thus having a look at, one notes the fact, is a well-built wireless stand charger with a clean design, where the iON Wireless Stand Charger comes with a great option. With the prices mentioned at $45, is more reasonable than options from companies like Belkin and Mophie, a step up from budget chargers.