Review: ITGO- Interval Trainer Go

ITGO is an interval trainer App for people who are keen on an organized workout schedule. It allows you to time your warm up/cool down sessions, your workout sessions and the time gap between each type of workout in a systematic way. ITGO- Interval Trainer Go is a dedicated interval signaling App for the iPhone and iPod touch designed to offer state of the art features like vibrations, sound and visual alerts.

ITGO- Interval Trainer Go is said to be the world’s best interval Trainer App for Apple iOS. ITGO HD for the iPad sets a new standard for interval training, with a host of new features and design aesthetics never previously seen on a Tablet or in fact any other portable device. It has a whole lot of features such as dual music playlists for fast and slow intervals in addition to voice, beep or custom prompts and awesome concentric dial timers that include separate interval timers as well as a session timer makes ITGO HD a good contender for the best designed interval trainer for the iPad.

The App is well designed and has good graphic’s, when you tap on the App, it opens up to an instructions screen, but you would first see a pop up which reads “ Do you want to turn off sleep while this app runs?” and it recommended to click on yes. Once you have clicked on yes, go ahead and read the instructions it’s easy and simple. All the operations are based around three main screens; Timer, Settings and Sounds.

The Timer screen displays your progress in a total session time and current fast/slow interval time including a gorgeous progress light dial.

Starting a new session allows you to select a warm up time
Tap the time to start/pause
double tap to reset.

The Setting’s screen let’s you specify:
Total Session Length
Interval Length
Interval ratio
Vibration on/off (iPhone only).

The sounds screen allow you to set your:
Interval Audio Prompt Volume and setting-off, voice, beeps, custom.
Music volume and fast/ slow interval playlists
Play mode-repeat song or playlist, shuffle
Disable sleep mode while running the App

High- intensity interval training (HIIT) or interval training is an exercise strategy that has been scientifically proven to be one of the most effective forms of cardiovascular exercise for burning fat in a short and intense workout.

So ITGO- Interval Trainer Go is a must buy App for people who workout regularly and who are health conscious.

This App is developed by AppNoose Ltd and is now available at version 1.0.4 for a price of $5.99.

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