Review: Master and Dynamic MW-07, great sound offers true, wireless in-ear phones


As one expects, an Apple-focused tech writer seems to have one or two pieces of Apple kit. With the current being tallied compromising of a 15-inch MacBook Pro with Apple Thunderbolt Display along with 11-inch MacBook Air. Also with 10.5-inch iPad Pro, iPhone X, and Apple Watch Series 4, and three HomePods.


With Apple product, one among them dismissed, later tried it: AirPods. Having been with the idea of something being portable, is one adorned with the pairing system. With the battery-life being great where a lot is required to love about them.

With AirPods of sound quality is not being terrible, it is just very average. Hence, the first truly wireless in-ear headphones, I have tried: the Bragi Dash, wherein which I loved the portability, allowing the sound again only being adequate.

With no audiophile, I love music, listen to it through headphones, with real a justice to the sound. With as much as I love the idea tucking, a charging case in my pocket and having headphones. Thus the availability on demand is just getting with resigned myself. With the idea of good quality audio on the move thus mean that I carry on-ear headphones with Bowers & Wilkins P5 Wireless as my usual choice.

With equally impressive Master & Dynamic MH40 headphones, in 2014,  is somewhat surprised which they equalled B&W headphones. Thus the company did not have anything like the same heritage. Thus one can easily have to be found with a year earlier where the audio quality is just spot-on.

One thing heard by the company with the launch of first wireless in-ear headphones is, my attention-getting caught straight away. Thus I have been able to test them with the day of launch, with first impressions going well. Thus I have been using them as my primary headphones such that one can now give a more considered verdict.


With the first thing, one struck me is about the MW07 design, not the earphones themselves but with the charging case. Thus a polished stainless steel, with three tiny LEDs needs indicates the battery status and each earphone: green with fully-charged, orange with medium charge, and red is low.

With the case quite simple and beautiful, one tends to look like cufflinks where there is a designer brand. Hence, it is to note a feeling which is equally good in the hand along with magnets where one closes with the same satisfying a snap as the AirPods case. Thus one can have a look and feel, absolute as one cannot expect much from a premium audio brand.

With the earphone aesthetics, more subjective in taste, have a stainless steel sound enclosure surrounded with handcrafted acetate, designed to give the best balance of audio quality and weight. Hence the design, a marbled one, now available as a choice of four colours. With this, one says that the aesthetics do not do much for me. So, I opted anonymity with being the black ones. Thus marbling one thing is where blue, grey, and tortoise-shell versions are more indistinctive.


The MW07 now comes with four different tips where two sizes of ‘wing’ help in achieving the perfect fit. With that, the standard-sized ear canals, have a note that default tips always seemed to work for me no matter of the brand.

The ‘wings’ designed to hold the headphones securely in a place. This has a twist of the earphones about a 45-degree angle. With the wing slipped behind, is a part of the ear where Google suggests called the anti-tragus.

Hence, upon one inserted and proved a 100% secure, never felt or even felt-like there was the slightest chance they would. They are perfectly comfortable for me with the longest continuous usage is being a two-hour train journey, where I do have scarcely knew they were there.


With two volume buttons at the left earphone where there is a usual multi-function button on the right. Hence by press once to play/pause, with twice for next track, and three times for previous track one should hold down to activate Siri.

With their small size makes the control of slightly awkward to use – even a week-in, still has to feel for them – but thinks that was unavoidable at this size and it is not like AirPods controlling great either. Hence anything thus being small, one has to go better off using a phone as the controller.

Also, the same auto-pause/play feature such as AirPods needs to pause by removing one from your ear and resume when reinserting it. However, with AirPods, one could happily resume or reinsert one a minute or two later. With MW07 times out after eight seconds is too short where one can remove to answer a question, listened to a PA through an announcement or similar. Hence a big deal needs to hit the play button to resume is with an auto-pause and resumes a really nice feature with a longer timeout.


It is not physically possible where in-ear headphones create the same level of immersive sound where the one get from on-ear or over-ear ones. Hence, Driver size being far from is the only thing matters with headphones, but with one factor. Thus even by placing a tiny driver right inside your ear, is plenty much of air such that one can have a push.

With AirPods, a 9-mm driver compared with the typical 40-mm drivers, decent on-ear headphones with MW07, 10-mm drivers. The largest one finds in-ear of beryllium, a material used within the high-end Hi-Fi equipment. Hence the stiffness and lightness help with the size and the cost of the material. This is likely going long way towards the explanation of $299 price tag.

Since, no in-ear headphone matches the performance, from their larger brethren, where the MW07 comes closer with others yet tried. Thus with the sound simply stunned is for the size.

The audio hence is beautifully neutral most importantly noticeable in live performances where one can feel whether you are being there in the room.

With treble and mid-tones being clear and detailed along with the bass, is really impressive has a real presence, does not feel in any way where artificial balance is spot-on.

A plenty of volumes, where one even publicly transits through which one has never been using them at maximum volume. This is what I think another impressive achievement from in-ear units. Hence, as a matter of fact, one do crank them up to the max where there is no distortion.

With pure audio quality, have the hands down with best in-ear headphones ever used – including B&O H5s.

With the first time with in-ear headphones, one hits the sweet spot. Thus, a significant compromise on audio quality is what I want with a freedom achievable with on-ear headphones, is unnoticeable in a pocket. Thus with the MW07, one must feel the compromise in-audio quality, so small with trade-off works. With plane travel, one has a longer battery life. This is with the option of a wired connection in-flight entertainment, takes my P5s.


One area of fall in comparison to AirPods is battery-life. Hence AirPods claims up with 5 hours per charge, and 24 hours in total with in-case recharging, MW07 claims 3.5 hours per charge and 14 hours at a total of significant difference.

Noting the above point of high importance is not of as such for mine. Thus with the flights, one takes my P5s, at other time and one does not. However, one listens more with a couple of hours and never goes anywhere close of up to 14 hours in a day.

Thus, one must test 3.5 hours, claims simply because one never listens in one go with a hit around 2.5 hours on one journey still going strong.


Thus there are impressive Master & Dynamics headphones where one expects well. Since there is one, not as good as turned out, expects to switch daily drivers at mobile in London.

With different ears for me having true audiophile friends, spends four-figure sums on their headphones. With the other end of the scale, one might not hear the differences between AirPods and higher-quality headphones.

A $299 is quite a lot money almost twice the price of AirPods. Hence as a matter of fact, one has to note the ears fallen into Bang & Olufsen or Bowers & Wilkins territory, where the MW07 is justified of every penny with differences.