Review: My Virtual Girlfriend

It had been an extremely uneventful, dull and a colorless day. I left work as soon as I could to laze around. Pleasantly, sometime at evening when I was de-stressing on my couch I came across the App “My Virtual Girlfriend” which completely transformed my day into a multicolored garnished day with lots of fun and flirtatious occurrences. 🙂 The App is really humorous, and a very entertaining one.

The know-how of the App is very simple, you have or you don’t have a girlfriend does not matter, she is right here custom made according to your choices and preferences. The beauty of the App is that you have the most suitable companion for you round the clock.

It has a pleasant music and catchy appealing graphics presented in a well designed interface, when you open the app it takes you to the main screen where you see the options like match ‘making, help and stats’. When you tap on match making it takes you through a whole bunch of screens where you need to enter your preferences, which include your personal and physical details and also the details of the kind of girlfriend you need, then the app looks for the right match for you.

When you tap on help you get complete details on how you play the app, which again is made very simple similarly when you tap on ‘stats’ you get complete details of the girls you have dated and the money that you have spent, the number of girls that have ditched you and the number you have ditched etc.:)

‘My virtual girlfriend’ is very interesting, and a nice way to pass your spare time, it keeps you busy and focused and it may also teach you a few tips on how to keep your girlfriend happy.

The App features hundreds of girls; each one unique in their own way, each one reacts differently to different situations. The girls are rendered in full 3D gameplay and are completely interactive via talk, gestures, gifts, actions and even touch. One can also gift lingeries to your respective girlfriend.

My virtual girlfriend is a witty App which changes fast based on the girlfriend’s personality, mood and history with you. With 20+ progressive levels My virtual girlfriend is now in version 1.1 with more levels, rewards system and no more limits, but this app must be downloaded only by users who are atleast 17 years old because it contains infrequent/ mild sexual content or nudity, infrequent/ mild profanity or crude humor, frequent/intense mature/suggestive themes.

It is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later. It’s developed by WET Productions Inc. and is available for just $0.99 (temporary weekend discount) but the original price being $2.99. So, grab your copy as soon as possible.

Overall my virtual girlfriend is the best way you could pass your spare time; I think you should try it once because it’s really value for money but before leaving I would share some cheat codes with you will enhance your gameplay: [Enter Player’s name as follows]

TacoSauve = unlocks all activites
SirWilliam = unlocks all actions
SmoothOperator = 1.5x level up
Casanova = current quick level up
FamilyMan = only prude girls are available from selection screen
IdiotServant = only dominatrix type girls are available form selection
LilWeezy = Only urban girls are available from selection screen.
GreenPeace = Only Hippie Girls are available
MrMoneyBags = Only Diva girls available from selection screen.
MyLilSecret = unlocks “Average room” environments

iTunes [Link]
Wet Productions

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