When you click pictures and don’t really know how to edit it, is such a pity. So what then? Upload them and show them around the way it is or just change the hue? Or just click pictures in style and show your creativity? The second option if you may. The new app on you apple device can help you do just that.

PhotoPieces is the new app you can find on Apple Store where you can click pictures and show your creative side. You can click pictures and set them according to the template. You could also take pictures of your friends at one time and make a collage rather let the app make a collage on its own .So the old simple boring way of making collage is done and over with. PhotoPieces helps you make a collage of your favourite people and places in style at the same time making your picture album sorted with a lot of clicks but less number of frames. You can click your pictures in one frame with the help of PhotoPieces.

You will see yourself being quite the photographer because you would want to explore the app and it just wouldn’t cease to entertain you. You can make your own templates from the photographs that already exist on your phone if you want something new other than the preset options. The only trick is to choose the right picture with contrasting colors. Click pictures to make templates then click more to fill those templates. The fun doesn’t ever end.
It’s a must buy for budding photographers. It isn’t amateurish rather helps you bring out the creative side in you.take out your iphone and click pictures of the random-est of things and make it look fun.

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