Review : Syncopy – Synchronized Copy/Paste between your Mac and iPhone

One of the main features of an iPhone is that it integrates perfectly with Mac OSX. For Mac users, the iPhone boasts a native way to transfer media, to synchronize contacts and tasks and to set up email accounts. But one thing that’s missing is a way to synchronize clipboards. And that’s where Syncopy comes in.

Syncopy is a little tool that helps you synchronize your iPhone and Mac clipboards. It’s as easy as it should be. You download Syncopy for your iPhone and install the Mac client. Make a Syncopy ID (something that takes only a few seconds) and of you go. After installing the Syncopy client for mac, everything you copy will automatically be synced to the server and when you open the iPhone version of Syncopy you just have to tap one button and the text which was on your mac’s clipboard just a few seconds ago is now on your iPhone’s. Ready to be pasted.

One of the big advantages is that Syncopy synchronizes by server. So for only 0.99$ you have your own direct server connection to transfer text between your Mac and your iPhone. This enables you to synchronize your clipboard even though your mac and iPhone aren’t on the same network. But this isn’t the most impressive part of Syncopy…

Syncopy is exactly as an iPhone app should be. You have those apps which are made by Apple and behave great on an iPhone and you have apps which are just coded and thrown in the App Store. But there is a select third category, Apps which provide a better user experience than Apple’s. Syncopy is one of these. It is a work of art in all its simplicity. It does what it does, no more no less and the developer doesn’t try to force a bunch of useless features in but rather chooses to keep everything clean and useful. Combine this with a sleek interface and you reach uttermost perfection.

There aren’t many apps which I put on the first screen of my iPhone, because it’s reserved for native iPhone apps only on my iPhone, but Syncopy earned the only free spot on the first page. So I can tell you that it’s the best App I’ve seen in a while.
But that’s me as a design freak talking, you should see for yourself to form your own opinion on Syncopy.

You can download the Syncopy iPhone App here :
You can download the Mac client here :

We also have a few promo codes to give away. If you want one, you have to tell us in a comment how Syncopy would be useful to you or how it will change your life. We will pick a few people at random and these will receive a promo code to download Syncopy for free. (Only available to US residents)

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