Rising Download Numbers Of Microsoft Office for iPad


A progressing download number of Microsoft Office for iPad was announced today at the TechEd Conference. As noted, the suite of applications, Word, Powerpoint, Excel has been downloaded from the App Store 27 million times till date. The number was shared on Twitter by Paul Thurrott, Microsoft observer and also noted by Business Insider.screen-shot-2014-05-12-at-10-49-33-am_580-0

The numbers are quite promising as Microsoft announced 12 million downloads just after the suite of apps made its first entry. The download numbers are more than double the number of downloads speculated. Though, the huge number only reflects free downloads. Microsoft has not disclosed the volume of actual iPad Office subscribers on board.

Microsoft is constantly on an upgrade mode of the software since their release in late March this year. Initially they added the much requested AirPrint feature along with Excel enhancements and now the rising download numbers indicate their constant efforts to make it right for the customer. CEO of Apple, Tim Cook praised the suite and mentioned that it should have been rolled out much earlier.

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