Roll The Saucer And Enjoy Tarelcus SE Game [REVIEW]

Tarelcus SE

As a child, I used to play a game where I had to role a ball and make it move through the walls and reach the center. Then I graduated to video games where I saw a new game. Here laser beams would be shot from the walls and I would have to make the ball evade laser attacks while making it move.

Now here is a game called Tarelcus SE which made me feel nostalgic about the games I played as a child.

Tarelcus SE

Tarelcus SE has been created by Rus Wizards who claim to perform “software magic”.

In Tarelcus SE, in the place of a ball, there is a flying saucer.

“Tarelcus” is a fascinating game and it would surely draw your attention if you like to play maze-oriented games. Electricity grids are at the corners of walls and the saucer has to roll without touching them. Just one touch with a grid and the saucer would return to the starting point.

Tarelcus SE

Tarelcus has a user-friendly interface which is clear and elegant. You would not waste time trying to understand how to play. Just push PLAY and enjoy the fun as you play the game.

The aim of this game is to bring the flying saucer to a black hole passing by the obstacles (that look like electricity grids), obstructions, and enemy Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO).

Tarelcus SE

Playing Tarelecus will require from you to be quick, skillful, patient and smart. You have to be careful. It is really contagious! Once you have installed “Tarelcus”, you will never stop playing it as the challenging levels will keep you coming back for more and every level of this game would be more exciting than previous levels.

This game would train your brain and help you improve your concentration. Thus, parents should encourage children to play this game as with improved concentration, children can also perform better in academics.

The updated version 1.1 of Tarelcus, Twitter sharing problems in the versions from iOS 4 onwards have been fixed. Some minor interface-related bugs have also been fixed.

Tarelcus is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It requires iOS 4.3 or later version.

This review has been written after obtaining Tarelcus SE from app store and the game has been played on an iPod.

So are you ready to roll the flying saucer and dodge all the obstacles? Post your comments and describe your experience of playing this game.

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