Rollover: App Review

Pinball games have always been a thrilling genre attracting game addicts from all over the map. This one perfectly satisfied my appetite for a tilt game and rendered an extremely engaging gameplay.

Rollover is a an exciting tilt game with a multiball using the accelerometer feature, where you have to knock down all the obstacles to move to the next level. The game starts with simple levels which builds up the fun and once you progress to the deeper levels, there are interesting puzzles to unlock.

Being a tilt game, its effortless to understand, and what’s unique about the App is the special mix up of obstacles and targets in the different levels, the blend of bright colors and a neat UI ensuring an appealing app for all tilt game lovers. During the App, you are given five balls with the help of which you clear all the targets by tilting these balls over them.

To bring in more delight, a player is awarded with medals like Golden, Silver and Bronze which depends upon the time you take to clear a particular level. While you keep on destroying objects, you gain points in every damage. With an extensive 100 levels, as you clear the initial levels the App becomes more enchanting. At times, the App also tested my patience in tilting the ball accurately to vanish the obstacles. 🙂

The no-sweat part of Rollover is once you get through required set of levels, you will be awarded free passes in case you are lazy to play any particular level. The App is perfect for an iPad HD update. I wish the developers roll it out fast.

Priced at $0.99, the App is completely worth a download.

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