Rome: Total war epic strategic gaming coming soon to iPhone

This is for our gaming aficionados. The ones who would love some gaming experiences on their devices. This article is sure worth the read.
About Rome; Total war
The Rome total war game is an epic and classic strategy game solely based on historical and political conquests which challenges it’s players to build and rule the Roman Empire.

The total war game is set during the mid and the late Roman Empire and also the early Roman Empire as well. The game’s real-time tactical battles took place across North Africa, Europe and near East Africa. The players strategically, manage diplomacy, infrastructure move armies and also manage the growth of the population through taxes etc. And tactically the player here begins to command real-time battles against cities or between the enemy armies.

This classic strategic game was developed by the creative Assembly and it’s iPad version was released by Feral interactive in 2016. And as a result of its fantastic review, Feral announced on 31st October 2017 that the iPhone version would be out by 2018 in summer.

This upcoming version of Total War will be available on the App Store at the rate of $9.99. This version of Total War, was designed specifically to suite the features for IPhones. It will however consist of enhanced touch controls instead of the previous redesigned interface. fantastic right?
In addition, this latest version of the total war game, will use the latest version of Apple’s metal API Which is said to carry these features; metal graphic, Redesigned UI, Battlefield unit status.

wondering what version of iPhones would be able to enjoy this epic game after purchasing it? Here you go;
• iPod touch
• iPhone 5s
• iPhone SE
• iPhone 6s
• iPhone 6
• iPhone 6s plus
• iPhone 6 plus
• iPhone 7
• iPhone 7 plus
• iPhone 8
• iPhone 8 plus
• iPhone X
For those who already have the game previously purchased on their iPad, can as well transfer the game across to your iPhone at no cost!