Roundup: 50 Cent releases new headphones while Samsung yet again plagiarizes from Apple

50 Cent headphone

50 Cent releases new headphones
After Dr. Dre and Ludacris, it is American Rap Superstar 50 Cent who has launched headphones. Called Street by 50, it touts emphasized bass and 40 mm drivers.

Samsung Logo

Samsung caught using iPhone screenshot in its promotional campaign
Already in the soup for stealing the design of iPad to launch its (now banned in Australia) Galaxy Tab 10.5, Samsung has now been found to be using a photoshopped screenshot from an iPhone, taken from the blog of Laura Scott. Samsung was using this screenshot to promote Galaxy Player 5.0.


180 Million e-books downloaded from iBookstore
Apple has announced that the number of e-books downloaded from their iBookstore reached 180 Million.

Google music iOS 5

GMusic launched to unite Google Music with iOS
Apple has launched a new app called GMusic for iOS. Priced at $2, this app enables users to stream music from their Music Beta by Google in their iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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