Roundup: Another legal victory for Apple

Apple wins another legal battle against Samsung Instatweet joins iOS 5.


Instatweet for faster tweeting
We all love Twitter. We all love to Tweet. The love and addiction for Twitters makes us tweet everything in few minutes or seconds. Now here comes a good news for Twitter lovers using iPhone. Instatweet enables you to send faster tweets in a device that has iOS 5. Instatweet leverages into the Twitter API that is built into iOS 5. It pulls up the operating system’s Twitter pane.

Siri Apple TV

Siri-Controlled Apple TV coming soon
According to a news report published in New York Timnes, Apple is working on a TV product, expected to be officially announced in 2012 or 2013. It is being said that this new form of Apple TV would be dependent on Siri. Which mean, you will just say what you want to watch and Siri operated TV would start playing that program or news for you. It remains to be seen whether this is a rumor or whether Apple is actually bringing something like this.

Apple iPad Samsung Apple legal battle

Apple scores another legal victory against Samsung
Apple has another feather in its cap as far as the its legal battle with Samsung is concerned. After Netherlands, Samsung is biting the dust in Italy where the judge refused to stay the sales of Apple’s iPhone 4S in Italy. The Milan court has asked both Apple and Samsung to submit their sides of story. After the ban on the sales of Galaxy Tab 10.5 (on the ground s that its design was copied from iPad), Samsung has been desperately trying to block the sales of Apple products in various European countries.

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