Roundup: Apple Patents Video Conferencing And Editing List

Apple wins many patents and gears to announce 2012 Q1 financial results.

Apple Video Conferencing iPod Phone

Apple wins patent for Video Conferencing iPod Phone
Apple has been granted a new Patent that is related to methods, systems, and a graphical user interface for using call waiting and making video conferencing calls on a cell phone, particularly one that carried an iPod style interface. This patent covers the iPhone using call waiting and video conferencing.

iPhone Patent editing lists

Apple wins original iPhone patent for editing lists
The US Patent and Trademark Office published thirteen newly granted patents to Apple. First patent is about a computer-implemented method for displaying and managing lists on a portable multifunction device with a touch screen display that includes displaying a list of items, detecting a finger contact on a moving-affordance icon, detecting movement of the finger contact on the touch screen display, and in response to detecting the movement of the finger contact. Also included are moving the moving-affordance icon and the corresponding item in the list that are in accordance with the movement of the finger contact. Apple also won a patent for the second generation iPod Shuffle that extends right through to covering accessories such as the iPod shuffle dock and lanyard.

GamePad for iPadNew GamePad for iPad
Playing games on iPad will be more fun now. A new 60beat GamePad is here. This GamePad connects to iPads and iPhones via headphone jack. Signals are sent to through the 4-foot cable and the iPad user can play any games that are compatible. Now iPad gaming will be similar to console gaming. Other features of this GamePad include an ergonomic design, dual joysticks, D-Pad, and 10 action buttons including 2 for joysticks.

Apple LogoApple Inc to announce its Q1 2012 financial results on 24 Jan
Apple has announced that it will announce the company’s 2012 first-quarter financial results on Tuesday, 24 January 2012. The call will be covering financial information from the past quarter, a quarter that witnessed the release of the widely popular iPhone 4S in addition to Apple’s new softwares iCloud and iOS 5.

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