Roundup: Apple wins rights for Hollywood blockbusters and knocks down Samsung

Apple blockbusters iCloud

Apple securing rights for Hollywood blockbusters
Apple is securing the rights of featuring various Hollywood blockbusters on iCloud. Representatives from iPhone and iPad are in talks with various Hollywood studios to finalize the deal. The service is expected to launched in late 2011 or early 2012. Apple Fanboys must be eager to see the rain of movies from iCloud.


iPad Apple Samsung legal battle

Legal Victory for Apple spells ban on sales of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia
Apple has won the lawsuit against Samsung in Australia, spelling ban on the sales of Samsung gadget called Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia. Given exactly same appearances of iPad and Galaxy Tab 10.1, it would interesting and funny to see the legal defense that Samsung prepares against this Apple to appeal against the ban.


iPhone Audio technica

In-Ear Bluetooth and Budget earphones unveiled by Audio Technica
Audio Technica has announced that they would launching ATH-BT03 very soon. ATH-BT03 is an $80 wireless Bluetooth headset. It is small and enables you to listen your phone call as well as enjoy music. Audio Technica made another announcement regarding ATH-CK-400i, a simple ear-set comprising of an in-line control and a mic. It is priced at $60.


Couple marrying at Apple store

Couple to pay tribute to Steve Jobs by marrying in an Apple Store
Gunter Zieber and his fiancee Erica Montelongo have decided to pay tribute to Late Steve Jobs in a unique way, by getting married at the Apple Store Bellevue Square in Washington. The couple gets into matrimony on Friday which coincidentally, happens to be the day of the official launch of iPhone 4S.


Blackberry services

Blackberry Services Online Again
Blackberry services are online again and Blackberry users can now have their Internet, BBM and e-mail, working again. However, Blackberry services are still not working in some Asian countries.


Jailbreak iPhone

Enabling Jailbrake Widgets in iOS 5
You may have taken Jailbreak widgets on your iDevice running iOS 5 but to enable but you may not know how to enable it. Following link offers the helpful procedure for enabling iOS 5.


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