Roundup: Apple-Samsung legal battle continues while Google Voice App gets removed from App Store

Apple stores to close for one hour on 19 Oct. 2011
Apple Inc is holding a campus ceremony on 19 October 2011 to remember Apple co-founder and former CEO, Steve Jobs. The Apple stores will be closed for one hour, this Wednesday as the store employees will be viewing the live-webcast of this ceremony.

Apple to license out only “Lower level patents”
With the court ban on the sale of Samsung ‘s Galaxy Tab 10.1, the legal battle between Apple and Samsung has come to a new level with Apple telling Samsung that it owns numerous patents but will license only the “lower level patents” to its competitors. Samsung had filed a petition against Apple (seen as a retaliation against the ban on Galaxy Tab 10.1), seeking a ban on the sales of iPad and iPhone in Netherlands. However, the Dutch judge delivered verdict in the favor of Apple.

Google Voice App removed from App Store
If you are sad and frustrated after being unable to download Google Voice App from App store, then this is a bad news fro you. Google has removed the Google Voice App from the App Store. Vincent Paquet, Senior Product Manager for Google Voice says that Google Voice App has been pulled to fix the problem of a bug in the new version of this app that causes the app to crash at the time of sign in.

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