Roundup: Apple Wins Patent For iPhone

Apple wins patent for iPhone while receiving the update for Google Voice app.

iPhone 4S

Apple wins patent for iPhone
The US Patent and Trademark Office officially published a series of eight newly granted patents for Apple Inc. The most important among all was a patent for GUI Supporting Application Switching for iPhone. This patent allows a user to use an app while attending a phone call. Apple also won a design patent for the Second Generation of iPod Shuffle. Other patents were related to Communication between an accessory and a media player with multiple protocol versions, Publishing and subscribing to digital image feeds, System and method for determining mobile device capabilities, Micro-perforated and backlit displays having alternative display capabilities (related to Invisible, Light-Transmissive Display System) and Trace functionality in a mobile device.

Google Voice iPhone

Google Voice Updated
Google has launched a free update for the Google Voice for iPhone. The new update for Google Voice includes many features including multi-recipient texting, full support for Sprint and one-touch copy/paste in the dial pad. Sprint iPhone owners can now “send calls to the native dialer”. The app description claimed that. If you need to send a long text message, the good news for you is that text entry field now accepts more than one line of text. The new update is called Google Voice

Google Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla and Google extend partnership
Mozilla has extended its partnership with Google for three more years. According to the terms of the agreement related to partnership, Google will continue to be the default search provider for Mozilla’s web browser, Firefox. Deal will Google comprises of 84% of Mozilla’s total revenue in a year.

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