Roundup: We have a bad news for Steam Gamers

The database of Steam gets hacked while Hong Kong police deals with the chaos at the launch of iPhone 4S in Hong Kong.

iOS 5.0.1

iOS 5.0.1 Jailbreak released
The jailbreak version of iOS 5.0.1 is out. This version does not include iPad 2 or iPhone 4S. However, it can be considered as a start for those having battery issues with iOS 5 and wish for iOS improvements. Users can also get a glimpse of the new gestures for iPad. At the same time, users would not losing their jailbreak apps.

iPhone 4S launched in Hong Kong

Police intervenes to stop violence at iPhone 4S launch in Hong Kong
iPhone 4S has been launched in Hong Kong and people queued up to buy much hyped Apple phone at the stores but police had be called when some unruly South Asian professional queuers attempted to push their way in front of line. Police had to come to control the chaos that professional queuers had brought. Such queuers are paid to stand in a queue for a third party, usually a grey reseller to stand in a queue and buy things.

Steam Game Logo

Steam Database hacked
If you are a part of Steam Gamers community and if you are passionate about games, we have bad news for you. The database of Steam has been hacked and hackers have access to the encrypted information of credit cards and passwords of several gamers. The problem is being investigated.

Appcessories coming to Apple Stores

Apple stores to have “Appcessories”
Appcessories would be available on Apple stores very soon. For those who are unaware, “Appcessories” are third-party hardware add-ons made for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. These add-ons interact with your device through dedicated apps.

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