Roundup: British Court upholds the firing of Apple employee

British court upholds the firing of an Apple employee for abusing his employer while South Korea lifts nearly two-year old ban on iOS games.
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Twelve South releases one charger for Macbook, iPad/iPhone
Twelve South, which is well known for releasing Compass and BookBook has released PlugBug that can allow you to charge iPhone/iPad with Macbook. It can charge both at the same time.

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British court upholds Apple’s decision to fire employee who abused employer
An employment tribunal in UK has upheld the decision of Apple to fire an employee called Crisp, for abusing his employer on a private Facebook page. Crisp had argued that he could not fired as his message was private. However, the tribunal pointed out that the message could not be considered as private as a co-worker of Crisp’s employer had seen it and shown it to employer. According to tribunal, Crisp had his right to freedom of expression but Apple also had the right to limit this right to protect its commercial reputation against potentially damaging online posts that could ruin its reputation in market.


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South Korea lifts ban on iOS games
Ahead of iPhone 4S launch, South Korea has lifted the ban on iOS games.

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