Roundup: British Telecom Sues Google

British Telecom sues Google while Firefox launches new version.

British Telecom

Google Sued by British Telecom
British Telecom (BT) has filed a lawsuit against Google with the US District Court of Delaware, accusing the latter of patents infringement. BT alleged that Google infringed upon six patents. BT is seeking an injunction against Google and wants “triple” damages.Patent expert Florian Muller wrote on his FOSS website that BT was justified in seeking the compensation from Google as Google prevent Google from getting benefitted by its (BT’s) inventions. The patents in question are related to a “service provision system for communication networks”, a “navigation information system”, a “telecommunications apparatus and method”, a “communication node for providing network based information service”, an “information system”, and method for “storage and retrieval of location based information in a distributed network of data storage devices”.

Skype Logo

Skype sponsors free Wi-Fi in more than 60 US Airports
Holiday season is here. That is why, Skype has announced a unique Christmas gift for you. From 21 December 2011 to 27 December 2011, Skype will be sponsoring free Wi-Fi in more than 60 Airports across United States. Skype users have to follow a procedure to activate it.



Firefox Logo

Firefox 9.0 Launched
Firefox has launched a new version called Firefox 9.0. It is compatible with almost all add-ons that Firefox 8 was compatible with. Speed and stability have been enhanced in Firefox 9 and HTML5 support has been added.

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