Roundup: Bulgarian students vote to name their school after Steve Jobs

Students in Bulgaria want a school of technology to be named after Steve Jobs. while the biography of Steve Jobs gets listed in the Amazon’s “Best Books of 2011” list.

iOS 5.0.1

iOS 5.0.1. appears for some non-developers. Retail memo about battery issues
With developers already exploring the features and capabilities of iOS 5.0.1, according to some online news reports, Apple has updated the phones of some users. Users would not be able to downgrade their phones to iOS 5.0. Apple has also issued a memo in which they announced the plans to fix the battery related issues of iPhone 4S in near future. The iOS 5.0.1 can fix various bugs in various Apple gadgets like iPad.

Adobe Logo

750 workers laid off from Adobe
Adobe has terminated the employment of 750 employees, aiming at restructuring its organizations. This was announced in two separate Press Releases. The grounds on which terminated employees had been picked up for pink slips are not known yet. Adobe executives will have a meeting with finance experts to plan future course of action.

Steve Jobs

Bulgarian Students vote to change the name of school to “Steve Jobs”
This seems to be the biggest tribute to Steve Jobs in Europe. In Plodvid, Bulgaria students of school, currently named Vladimir Ilyich Lenin have voted to the name of school to be changed to Steve Jobs. This school is a technical school, specializing in electronics.

Firefox Logo

Firefox 8 officially released
After releasing Firefox 7 last September, Mozilla has released Firefox 8 on 8 November 2011.


Steve Jobs Biography

Steve Jobs’ biography is among the “Amazon’s Best Books of 2011”
On 8 November 2011, Amazon announced in a Press Release, Amazon announced the list of best books of 2011. The biography of Steve Jobs written by Walter Isaacson is in the Top 10 Editors’ picks ranking at No.8. The book is a best-seller on Amazon and has sold 37,000 copies in UK in the first five days of sales. In USA, it had sold 379,000 copies in the first week. These figures do not include the digital sales of the book.

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