Roundup: Firefox 8 released for Mac OS X

Firefox 8 is launched for Mac OS X while the Lunor model of glasses worn by Steve Jobs sees huge rise in its sales.

Steve Jobs Glasses

Steve Jobs’ $450 trademark eyeglasses selling like hot cakes
Steve Jobs trademark glasses may be priced at just $450 but that design of German Lunor Classic Rund PP is selling like hot cakes. After the death of Steve Jobs, there has been a sharp increase in the sales of these glasses in Hong Kong, as said by Power Bloom, the Asian distributor of glasses. The website of Lunor is advertising the frames as “The glasses of Steve Jobs”. On the cover of Steve Jobs’ biography, Jobs is seen wearing glasses from this brand.

Firefox Mac OS X

Firefox 8 Beta released for Mac OS X
When Firefox had started, people preferred this browser over Internet Explorer because Internet Explorer was the target of various bugs and viruses. Firefox also intoduced tab features much before Internet Explorer did. Today Firefox is an integral part of our internet activities. The good news for all Firefox users is that the final Beta release of Firefox 8 is available for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. Firefox 8 fully supports Java console. It will fix many of the issues that people had with Firefox 7.

iSpy Software

iSpy Softaware can read text messages from distance
Next time, when you decide to type or read a text message, be careful there is nobody standing or sitting 200 feet away from you. This may sound stupid but with iSpy software, one can read what you are typing from a distance of 200 feet. Developed by Jan-Michael Frahm and Fabian Monrose of the University of North Carlolina, this software can capture HD footage from DSLR. Software can ananlyze footage and identify the pop-up letters on the touch screen and figure out which key is being pressed. The creators of this softwares might face accusations of the invasion of privacy.

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