Roundup: Google To Launch Delivery Service

While Google prepares to compete with Amazon, while Apple stops supporting carrier IQ in iOS 5.

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Google to launch delivery service
Google has been in talks with several retailers as it aims to create a subscription-based expedited delivery service. Google will be in competition with Amazon after launching this services. Google wants retailers to provide speedy services to members who pay an annual fee.

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Atos CEO bans e-mail to encourage social networking
Thierry Breton, the CEO of French IT firm Atos has banned his employees from using e-mail in office. He is encouraging them to social networking. On the lines of websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+, Breton aims to promote collaborative global network that would be easily accessible.




Apple confirms Carrier IQ in older iOS
Apple has confirmed that they have stopped supporting Carrier IQ in iOS 5. They are planning to “remove it completely in a future software update”.

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