Roundup: iPad 3 Rumors going on

There are rumors regarding the release of iPad 3 before March 2012.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs wanted to be in textbook business
New York Times can not get enough of hyping the upcoming biography of Steve Jobs. They have revealed, quoting the biography as a source that Steve Jobs was interested in getting into the business of making texbooks for school students.

iPad 3


Rumors of iPad 3

There are rumors that Apple is building iPad 3. It is being said that iPad 3 will have a newly designed dock connector and will be released before March 2012.

Apple HDTV


Steve Jobs claimed to have “cracked” the secret to a simple HDTV

According to the forthcoming biography of Steve Jobs, Jobs had worked to build an integrated and easy-to-use Apple TV set. He called it simplified HDTV as his plan was not to have a complex remote control for the users.

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