Roundup: iPhone 4S witnesses “Yellowgate” while iPhone 4S rumors upset Apple CEO

iPhone 4S yellow

Is iPhone 4S witnessing “Yellowgate”?
When iPhone 4 was launched, due to some antenna related problems, people complained of a fall in call-quality. This issue had been nicknamed as “antennagate” by media. Now it seems that iPhone 4S might be getting its own “gate” very soon. iPhone 4S users are complaining about yellow tinted screens. This issue is being named by media as “Yellowgate”.

iPhone 4S Siri

Why Apple bought “Siri” app?
Joe Pielak, the man who helped the development of Siri had originally designed it as an app that would be available at iTunes in 2008. By May 2009, Siri had started gaining popularity in media. Apple decided to buy Siri and make it a feature of iPhone 4S. This decision was made because Siri had the ability to recognize the context and reply accordingly.

iPhone 4S

Apple says iPhone rumors bad for business
During Q4 earnings call, Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer said that he was upset with the rumors regarding nonexistent iPhone 5. According to rumors, Apple is said to be planning the release of iPhone 5 in near future. Oppenheimer said that because of rumors, many users are deciding to wait for iPhone 5, instead of buying iPhone 4S which is affecting the sales of iPhone 4S.

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