Roundup: iPhone 5 in iOS 5.1 Code

As a possibility of iPhone 5 is witnessed, a contract signed by Steve Jobs gets ready to go under the hammer.

iPhone 5

iPhone 5 spotted in iOS 5.1 Code
We all know that iPhone 4S is not the last iPhone that Apple has launched. There will be another iPhone. Apple may not have announced the date of new iPhone but the picture above proves it. iOS 5.1 Beta 1along with Xcode 4.3 was seeded to Apple developers in which the information of iPhone 5 and Sprint iPad is there. It seems that these items might be released in near future.

iA Writer Mac iPad

iA Writer for iPad and Mac Updated with iCloud
There is a new update for iA Writer that includes an improved Dropbox integration. Now iCloud support will work between Mac and iOS. On the iPad side, you can save a document to iCloud. You can move any document from your local iPad to iCloud storage. When you open iA Writer on Mac, there will be a new iCloud submenu, appearing under the file menu. You can pull your documents from iCloud. If you want to save a document to iCloud from your Mac, then after saving the document somewhere in your Mac, you can move it to iCloud where it would move into your library.

Ronald Wayne

1976 contract signed by Steve Jobs up for auction
On 13 December 2011, a copy of the contract signed by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne is going to be auctioned with US $100,000 as the minimum price. Signed on 1 April 1976, this copy was originally owned by Ronald Wayne. Wayne’s withdrawal from partnership on 12 April 1976, and appropriate contract amendment are also a part of auction.

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