Roundup: Mark Zuckerberg credits Steve Jobs on building Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg says Steve Jobs gave him advices regarding building Facebook while iPhone 4S gears up for the launch in Hong Kong.

Apple Retailers

Apple to train retail managers on Union Awareness
Apple will holding training sessions for the retail managers to address trade unions. The session, to be held on 8 November 2011, is to focus on addressing unions at workplace and taking any legal questions that workers might have.

Siri iPhone 4S

Siri does not work as good iPhone 3GS as it does on iPhone 4S
Siri may have been announced as an exclusive feature of iPhone 4S but can it work on older gadgets of Apple if installed? To check that, developer Ryan Patrich tried to find that out by porting Siri into iPhone 3GS. Though, Siri worked to some extent, the microphone performence was worse than the microphone performence of iPhone 4S. In simple words, you may port Siri in your iPhone 3GS to avoid buyin iPhone 4S but it might not work in your phone the way it works in iPhone 4S.

Siri iPhone 4S

Apple tested Siri on other devices but to no avail
Did you wish you had Siri in the Apple gadgets that you purchased before iPhone 4S was released? Do you wish to port Siri into your old iPhone so that you would not need to buy iPhone 4S, just to use Siri? You should not be sure about Siri working in it as Apple had tested Siri on other devices. It was being said that Siri works perfectly on iPhone 4 and would be released in iPhone 4 soon. This not going to happen. At least Apple has not made any official announcement about this. Independent developers and engineers tested Siri on iPad and previous versions of iPhone. Some of the features worked. However, Apple does not believe that Siri working fine on iPhone 4 should be the reason for Siri to be released on iPhone 4 as it might affect the sales of iPhone 4S.

iPhone 4S Hong Kong

iPhone 4S pre-orders in Hong Kong sold out in ten minutes
This past Friday, the pre-orders for iPhone 4S started in Hong Kong and 14 other countries where iPhone 4S is expected to hit the stores on 11 November 2011. Within ten minutes, pre-orders were sold out, despite the fact that Siri does not speak Mandarin and Cantonese languages. Currently Siri has the knowledge English, French and German languages in its artificial intelligence. Apple has plan to add more languages including Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Italian and Spanish.

Mark Zuckerberg

Steve Jobs advised Mark Zuckerberg on building Facebook
You credit Mark Zuckerberg for building Facebook. However, some credit should also got to late Steve Jobs. Yes you heard it right. Zuckerberg said in an interview with Charlie Rose, that Steve Jobs had advised him about building Facebook and how Facebook should be build and function. In the recently released biography of Steve Jobs, Jobs was said to have admired Zuckerberg.

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