Roundup: Marvel Super-heroes fall to the charm of iPhone while new iPhone 4S commercial comes out

Marvel super-heroes attracted to iPhone

iPhone 4S Siri

New iPhone 4S Commercial focuses on Siri
The new commercial of Apple’s latest handset iPhone 4S focuses on the popular Siri feature of the phone. Siri has not been mentioned anywhere but users in the advertisement are shown to be using Siri.

Avengers Logo

 Some scenes from Marvel’s Avengers movie shot from iPhone
Even the super-heroes cannot resist the charm of iPhone. The upcoming movie “The Avengers” (from Marvel Entertainment Group) is in news as it features Marvel Super-heroes Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and Hulk. The latest buzz is that some scenes of this movie have been shot with an iPhone. Nobody knows which iPhone was used to shot but people are assuming that iPhone 4 would have been used because Apple would not give iPhone 4S to a studio, just to shoot a movie.


iPad 2

Easy to hack your iPad 2 with a smart cover 
A security flaw of iPad 2 has come to light. The person breaking into your “password protected iPad 2” may not have complete access to it but he would be able to see that content on which you locked your iPad 2. For example, if your iPad2 went into sleep mode with your mail box open, the intruder can see your mail. The flaw lies with iOS and anybody with a smart cover can gain access to some contents of your iPad 2.

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