Roundup: New advertisments for iPhone 4S Camera, Siri and iCloud

Apple releases new ads for iPhone 4S camera, Siri and iCloud while Steve Jobs’ sister reveals his final moments to the world.

Siri Screen

New ads for iPhone 4S camera, Siri and iCloud
Apple has released new advertisements on their website and YouTube Channel. These advertisements showcase the new capabilities of Siri, the voice-assistant of iPhone 4S. The advertisements also highlight the improved camera of iPhone 4S and iCloud support. The iCloud commerical is a technical one, highlighting that iBooks and documents sync across devices. In the Siri commercial, Apple calls Siri, “your personal assistant for everything”. Seems like new Siri is smarter than the old one if the new commercial is to be believed.

Mona Simpson Steve Jobs' sister

Steve Jobs’ sister shares his last words
Mona Simpson, the novelist sister of Steve Jobs has written a eulogy of her deceased brother, describing the last moments and last words of Steve Jobs. The eulogy has been published in New York Times. Simpson had met Jobs for the first time when both of them were adults.

Macbook Pro

New Macbook Pro testing complete
According to a Japanese website Macotakara, Apple has developed the test units for 15-inch LCD for an upcoming laptop from Apple that would be very thin.

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