Roundup: New trojan horse on the prowl on your Mac

Mac users witness a new trojan horse while Google plans to launch native iOS Application for G-Mail.

Mac OS X

New trojan horse can steal from your Mac
Users of Mac who are online most of the time need to be beware of a new trojan horse that may seem like normal app but once installed in your Mac, it can steal your perosnal information. This trojan horse is called DevilRobber or “OSX/Miner-D”. DevilRobber can hijack your Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) and create Bitcoin, the digital currency used to make online payments without the oversight of banking authorities. It can steal Mac user’s digital Bitcoin wallet as well. Mac users are being advised not to download softwares from any website that offers them, even if they appear legitimate. Users should download a software only from the official website of the makers of those softwares.

Apple Logo

Apple likely to have a $40 Billion Holiday season
With the holiday season of Christmas coming soon and with the new and latest gadgets being seen by many as perfect gift items, thanks to the success of iPhone 4S, Apple is estimating to earn a revenue of US $40 Billion by the end of the fourth quarter of this year.

iOS Gmail Logo

Native G-Mail app for iOS coming soon
Google is making preparations to launch a native iOS application for G-Mail. There are possibilities of expanded capabilities of current mobile-optimized version of Safari to be offered. It is being widely belived that Google has already sent the application to Apple for their approval.

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