Roundup: Origin of Apple name revealed as Steve Jobs biography gets ready to hit the stores

One week before the release of Steve Jobs’ biography, the origin of Apple name for his company gets revealed.

Steve Jobs Apple Logo

The origin of Apple name revealed
With the release date of new biography of Steve Jobs written by Walter Isaacson coming soon, the excerpts have started leaking online. According to this book, Steve Jobs had named his company as Apple because apple was one of his fruitarian diets and he had visited an apple farm the day name was decided.

G-mail New Look

Beans spilled over the revamp of G-Mail
In June 2011, Google had released a “vison” of users’ Web app future. It seemed more finger friendly. However, a new video posted on YouTube shows that the new revamped G-Mail interface as less optional. The revamped G-Mail is expected to have updated themes and high resolution wallpapers.

Steve Jobs Biography

Media organizations reveal various excerpts from the upcoming biography of Steve Jobs
As the biography of Steve Jobs written by Walter Issacson gears up for a release on the Monday of upcoming week, media has started revealing the excerpts from the book, some publications starting their articles by discussing an excerpt from the book. Walter Isaaacson must be enjoying this free publicity of his book.

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