Roundup: Pre-Orders start for SUR40

Samsung and Microsoft begin taking orders for SUR40 while UK’s Chief Rabbi accuses Apple of promoting consumerism.

iPhone 3GS

iPhone 3GS Price raised to $1 by AT & T
You may find this surprising but AT&T has raised the subsidized price of iPhone 3GS to $0.99. This has left many people puzzled as Apple lists the price of iPhone 3GS as $0 on its own website.



Pre-Orders star for SUR40 start
Samsung and Microsoft have begun taking pre-orders for SUR40 multitouch display. This device has the ability to recognize fingers, hands and objects. Nicknamed as “Surface 2”, this device is a PC in itself.


Apple Logo

UK’s Rabbi Chief accuses Apple of promoting ego-centric culture
This may seem like a publicity stunt to many but Lord Sacks, the Chief Rabbi in UK has accused Apple of promoting consumerism and creating a consumer society. Saying that egoistic people and culture, focussed of self-centered attitude and cared “i”, Sacks said that by bringing out products like iPad, iPod and iPhone, Apple was encouraging people to selfish and consumerist.

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