RoundUp: Rolling Stones explores the romantic side of Steve Jobs while Microsoft acquires Skype

Steve Jobs Rolling Stone

Steve Jobs described romantic teen by Rolling Stones
The upcoming issue of Rolling Stone magazine explores the romantic side of Steve Jobs in his teen years. Chrisann Brennan, Jobs’ first girlfriend (with whom Job was in a serious relationship) written an essay that would be published in the magazine.

Google Music

Google planning an online MP3 Store
Google may be having an online music service called Music Beta but but now it planning to launch its own online MP3 store. Google is negotiating with major record labels for licenses and legal formalities.

Apple Thanksgiving

Apple Thanks employees for extended paid Thanksgiving Holiday
Apple Inc has given an extended Thanksgiving Holiday week to its employees. Apple Employees will given a paid one-week vacation for Thanksgiving. This benefit would be extended to retail and international employees on future dates.


Microsoft acquires Skype
Microsoft has bought Skype for $8.5 billion in cash. With 660 active Skype users around the world, now Microsoft has a significant presence in the world of communication.

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