Roundup: Sony revealed as iPhone 4S camera manufacturer as Apple stock price closes at its highest

Sony Camera in iPhone 4S
As anticipated, iPhone 4S has an 8 Mega pixel camera. Now the surprise of the day is the fact that this 8 MP camera has been manufactured by Sony. When Sony CEO Howard Stinger hinted that Sony producing camera for iPhone 4S, many people took it as a statement of sarcasm. However, now that iPhone 4S has been released, the teardown of the phone shows that Sony indeed manufactured camera for it.

Apple Stock skyrocketed due to iPhone 4S
On Friday, 14 October 2011, the stock prices of Apple closed at its second highest ever, at $422.0. Sprint and AT&T announced the record sales of iPhone 4S. The highest of Apple Stock Prices was $422.86, that was on 20 September 2011. The stock prices of Apple did take a dip few days back but iPhone 4S has got them skyrocketed again.

iPhone 4S photos appear on Flickr and compared with iPhone 4 photos
The owners of iPhone 4S have started posting pictures taken by iPhone 4S cameras on Flickr and the resolution of these pictures is better than the pictures taken by iPhone 4 camera. This has sparked the comparison between the cameras of two phones on many image hosting websites and online forums.

Transcription correction from Keyboard allowed from Siri
This may help many who do not understand the heavy and strange accent of English that is heard on Siri. iPhone 4S users can tap Siri’s transcriptions of their voice inputs and edit them to correct errors. In some cases, asking a question might be a better option than editing an asked question and asking it again.

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