Roundup: Steve Jobs gets a “haircut tribute” while Google shuts down Buzz

Steve Jobs haircut

SteveJobs Tribute Haircut Launched
A young man arrived at Apple’s Fifth Avenue flagship store, sporting a unique hairstyle in which he was having his cut in the shape of Steve Jobs’ face. Seems like there is nothing one cannot do to pay tribute to his idols.

Steve Jobs Memorial

Steve Jobs Day Memorial Planned
California Governor Jerry Brown has announced that 16 October 2011 would be a memorial day for Late Apple Founder Steve Jobs. It has been declared as “Steve Jobs Day”, to be observed statewide.

iPhone 4S

“S” for Sale in in iPhone 4S
With setting a record in pre-orders and selling like hotcakes since its release on Friday, 14 October 2011, iPhone 4S is poised to become one of the largest selling smart phones in the history. Few days back, the online orders were so many that the server of Apple website crashed due to so many people all over the world accessing it. By Friday, everything was back to normal. Given the current response from customers, iPhone 4S is expected to break many more records related to sales.

Google Buzz

Google to pull the plug on Google Buzz
Google entered the field of social networking in February 2010 with Google Buzz. Unfortunately, it did not receive the response from fans that Orkut and Facebook generated at the time of their peaks. Instead, Google also faced a lot of legal problems due to Buzz. Thus, Google announced in a blog post that Google Buzz and Buzz API are going to be shut down. Google is expected to focus only on Google+ from now on.

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