Roundup: Apple To Observe World AIDS Day

Apple gets ready to participate in World AIDS and launch iPhone 4S in China.

China Unicom iPhone 4S

China Unicom offering iPhone 4S imminently
China Unicom will be authorized to carry iPhone 4S very soon. iPhone 4S has successfully passed the “wireless regulatory tests” and thus, it has earned the approval of Chinese officials. Now China Unicom is waiting for a certificate from Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Now everybody is expecting the released of latest Apple iPhone in mid-December.

Nielsen Logo iPhone Android

iPhone and Android dominating app downloads in US
With iPhone being the most popular smart phone and Android being the most popular OS in USA, the 71% people in USA either own an iPhone or an Android. The source of this statistic is a research from Nielsen which also says that number of apps download Android and iPhone account for 83% of all downloads. Nielsen also says that today 44% people in USA are using smartphones.

(RED) iPod Nano

Apple stores to participate in World AIDS Day by promoting (RED) Products
On 1 December 2011, Apple stores are observing World AIDS Day by drawing attention (RED) products which raise money to fight AIDS in Africa. Select group of specialists would be wearing (RED) iPod Nanos and offer (RED) leather smart covers for iPad.

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