Roundup: Samsung COO meets Apple CEO while first Google Music app becomes available at App Store

Samsung Apple conflict

Samsung COO meets Apple CEO to discuss supplying better parts
Samsung and Apple maybe at loggerheads in the court due to the design of Galaxy Tab 10.5 but this has not made any negative impact on the business relations between the two organizations. After attending the memorial service in the honor of late Steve Jobs, Samsung Chief Operating Officer (COO) Lee Jea-Yong met Apple CEO Tim Cook to discuss supplying company with better parts in 2013 and 2014 after the current contract between two companies expires next year.

Flashplayer Mac Os

 Fake Adobe Flash Malware can destroy your Mac OS
 A new version of Trojan Horse poses as Flashplayer Installer can disable the updates to the Mac OS anti-Malware protection system. People surfing the net need to be careful as the security system may not be able to download updates. This Trojan is called Flashback.A. Another trojan called Flashback.C also creates the impression of being a genuine flash player. After getting installed it checks whether computer has a firewall called Little Snitch, a firewall that can detect it. If firewall is there, trojan deletes itself.

Google Music appFirst Google Music App available
After reports and anticipation, GMusic, a native Google Music app has surfaced and is available at App Store for $1.99.

Google Plus Logo for Apple iPad

Google+ to support Google Apps
Google has annonuced that Google+ will start supporting the Google Apps account in next few days. Google has also announced that Google+ would also start supporting pseudonyms in the coming days.

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