Rovio Sells 50 Million Copies Of Angry Birds Space In Six Weeks

Angry Birds Space

Like Angry Birds, Angry Birds Space is also achieving success and its popularity, sales and downloads are increasing day by day. Rovio has reported that it has sold over 50 million copies of the application since its release less than six weeks ago (the record was hit after 35 days).

This makes Angry Birds Space the single fastest-growing mobile game ever.

The Angry Birds Space game is a fun game. Even people who have openly stated they hated Angry Birds have admitted their liking to the new game. Its price is just 99 cents.

Angry Birds Space continues to be the number one game in the App Store, as indicated by the ‘Top 25’ tab from directly within the App Store application. The popularity of this game has simply blasted off (no pun intended) from its release. However since Rovio was working directly with NASA to create this game, expectations of high quality was only fair.

Angry Birds Space came with a small amount of levels upon its release, earlier this week it was updated with ten new difficult space levels and the ability to get a free daily Space Eagle in addition to the free 20 Space Eagles it gave you from the update.

Angry Birds Space is available for iOS, Android, Mac OS X, and Windows.

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