Rumor Of Cheap iPad 2

iPad 2

It seems that rumormongers are tired of iPad 3 and iPhone 5. Taking a break, they are now circulating the rumors of iPad 2.

The new rumor surrounding iPad 2 says that iPad 2 would get cheaper to compete with Kindle Fire.

The DigiTimes new rumor says that the price of iPad 2 drop to $199 or at least very close to that point, in near future. The $199 price of the iPad 2 might not seem feasible. However, rumor says that Apple is reportedly coming slow to that. Right now, the base iPad 2 is $499. Sources in the supply chain claim that tablet from Apple will see a price cut to $399 for starters.

The same sources claim more fall in price that would be as lower as $349 to $299. Though Apple might score an edge over other tablets by bringing down the price of iPad as low as $299, the rumors about the production of iPad 2 being reduced do not seem to be in accord with this rumor.

Source: i4U

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