Rumor: iLife ‘10 For iPhone

iphone-imovie_1The website iPhone platform heard, that Apple is busy making an iPhone-version of iLife (the software pack with tools to edit audio, videos and photo’s and a tool to make simple websites). But it seems it will take a while before the software is available: somewhere in 2010, in the App Store for payment. It is possible the software can be bought in a bundle or as four seperate applications. The website says it got its information from a reliable source.

There are four applications:
iPhoto: edit photos on the iPhone
iMovie: edit videos on the iPhone
iWeb: adapt websites on the iPhone
Garageband: make music on the iPhone

This sounds beautiful, but is Apple really going to put a ripped version of the iLife software on the market? iWeb seems to be the most practical of the four. And there no such program in the App Store yet. Apple also made Remote, Keynote Remote and iDisk available in the App Store.

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