Rumor: iWatch Goes Into Production in Small Quantities


According to supply chain sources stated by China Times, Apple suppliers have begun the production of iWatch targeting a fall 2014 release. The iWatch will leverage system-in-package (SiP) design which will allow packaging of several sensors into a single chip for a more compact design. A SiP design facilitates the internal hardware to occupy a lesser space.

Its a massive challenge for Apple to convince a user to put on a wearable and the iWatch should be incredible to be able to do that. We are not sure how Apple will produce the much spoken synthesis of an activity tracker with a smart watch. This synthesis of monitoring the health of an individual with a smart watch of bringing convenience of a cell phone or computer to your wrist.

Apple’s philosophy is clear if they do it they will do it the right way. The production start can be ignored if iWatch is not coming out the right way.

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