Rumored HDTV From Apple Intimidating ‘Smart TV’ Makers?

Apple HDTV

Apple is yet to confirm the existence of plans to enter the connected High Definition Television (HDTV) market. However, if Apple really intends to introduce an HDTV set, the mere thought of such intention is apparently enough to freak out other makers of so-called smart TVs.

The latest talk surfaced in a new Digitimes report. Someday, Digitimes may lose its reputation as all the rumors appearing in Digitimes in the recent past, have turned out to be false. The latest indicates that a number of prominent TV makers are “taking no chances” with Apple’s rumored plans.

As a result, a number of these key TV makers are ganging up and forming a “smart TV alliance.”

One source admited that the alliances were forming almost exclusively because of “Apple’s influence in the market.” The concerned manufacturers are worried that Apple will similarly dominate the smart TV market, just as the maker of iPhone and iPad has dominates smartphone market and tablet market.

The alliance-forming TV makers are researching and developing smart TV concepts that will have similar functions as Samsung Electronics’ but will still need a lot of time before models start hitting stores, added the sources.

When you talk about a rapidly expanding market, the smart TV arena is a perfect example of such a phenomenon. According to the latest industry estimates, smart TVs will achieve a 40% penetration rate within the next two years.

Source: Modmyi

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  1. I just can’t see Apple releasing a TV that will compete with the other manufacturers in terms of price. If they release an Applt TV it will be towards the $1500 mark.

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