Rumors about Analyst predicting smaller iPad

Do you imagine smaller iPad coming soon in the market? Well one technology analyst thinks so. If he’s right then it could mean sales for the Samsung Galaxy take a major hit

The rumors was reported coming out of Taiwan that some companies supplying components to Apple are already at work manufacturing parts for a new smaller iPad. Here a veteran technology analyst is predicting that we may see a mini-iPad soon like in 2011. According to Ashok Kumar of Rodman & Renshaw says the next incarnation of the iPad will be a streamlined model equipped with a smaller screen and cameras supporting Apple’s FaceTime for video conferencing.

If the prdiction comes true about new smaller iPad,, it can put into a competition with Samsung’s new Galaxy Tablet, which has a 7” screen and dual cameras. If it release before the Galaxy then it can be a very bad news for Samsung.


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