Rumors about China Telecom in talks for CDMA iPhone

In the U.S., the question has been who will join AT&T to offer the iPhone. In Asia, China Telecom is the latest name mentioned to join Apple’s current exclusive carrier, China Unicom. A report shows a Deutsche Bank analyst claiming China Unicom’s exclusive iPhone arrangement could “likely come to an end early next year.”

According to analyst’s report, China Telecom execs refused to confirm they’d begin selling a CDMA iPhone. China is often mentioned as a potential recipient of any CDMA iPhone. Additionally, China Telecom and Verizon both use the CDMA and EV-DO standard.

Here a J.P. Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz provide further credibility to the China Telecom rumor, telling investors that he forecast “the introduction of a CDMA iPhone first with Verizon in early 2011 and then China Telecom in early to mid-2011.”

Apple’s original iPhone partner, China Unicom, is enjoying success with the recently-released iPhone 4, which began sales in China on September 25. At one point, the carrier reported selling 100,000 iPhone 4s in four days. Such high demand prompted the carrier to warn it might not be able to fulfill all Pre-orders until later October.

[Via South China Morning Post]

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