Rumors about Samsung &Verizon deal for Galaxy on Thursday

As Samsung’s Thursday media event draws closer, more details are leaking as to what to expect when the Galaxy Tab is unveiled.

According to Engadget they have found something pretty interesting that seems to confirm that Verizon will be one of the carriers for the Samsung Galaxy Tab. This screenshot was leaked from Verizon’s private VZWeb system for employees. Well It looks like Verizon will be offering the Galaxy with Froyo and Flash 10.1, plus some unnamed apps exclusive to the carrier.

But there is one thing that’s still unclear even a after a sneak peek as it really don’t tell us the details on pricing and contracts. Samsung is not expected to reveal those for a few weeks. If Verizon offers the Galaxy only with a two-year contract but minus a hefty discount off the list price and this could on iPad killer.


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