Rumors Of Apple Event Debunked

Apple building

Macotakara is back. Last time, the Japanese website was spreading the rumors of release date of iPad 3 to be announced in the last week of January.

This time, Macotakara has joined the chorus of online news reports announcing that Apple will hold “unusual” media event in February 2012. Some people say Macotakara had started this rumor.

It has been confirmed now that this rumor is not true and Apple has no plans to hold such event in February.

Rumor said that the February event would not be related to any Apple product and iPad 3 would be revealed in an event of March 2012. Loop Insight has rubbished this rumor.

Jim Dalrymple, who last time, debunked the rumor of iPad 3’s January 2012 release is back to quash another rumor. Dalrymple said that Apple would not hold any event in February.

Source: BGR

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