Rumors: Apple to launch new iPad in early 2011 with few alterations

Rumors is always a step ahead of Apple and here the latest rumors about new iPad to be out in the first quarter of the coming year, 2011. Digitimes, which is often regarded as a rumor mongerer, does indeed have the right news in technology to grace them.

Is heard that the new device will come with 9.7 inch panels which are being currently tested by the suppliers and the next generation panels can be expected to be much sleeker. Only a few months back the original iPad was released in April this year and the news does seem to have substance.

It was reported that the new iPad will have only a few alterations in the features and we may see it getting furthermore evolved to capture the imagination of the potential buyers. May be a good cut in the total weight could do wonders to its prospects and even a rear-facing camera being integrated to iPad is also high on demand.


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