Now You Can Run Android Apps On Mac


On Wednesday, 27 June 2012, BlueStacks announced a public alpha version of their Android App Player for the Mac at Google I/O.

BlueStacks had originally released a beta version of their App Player for Windows back in March 2012. This software allows users to run Android apps directly on their Windows PCs. The latest version begins to extend that functionality to the Mac.

The Windows version allows you to run any Android app without modification. However, the early Mac version seems to be limited to 15 initial apps that comes bundled with the download. The bundled apps include Air Control Lite, Alchemy, Basketball Shot, Drag Racing, Elastic World, Facebook, Glow Hockey, Guns’n’Glory, Paper Toss, Pulse, Robo Defense, Seesmic, Twitter, Whatsapp, and Zebra Paint.

The support page of BlueStacks claims that “in the very near future”, there are plans to open the Mac version up to over 400,000 Android apps:

The BlueStacks App Player for Mac OSX (alpha) supports both Lion and Snow Leopard. You can test drive a fixed set of curated apps for the first release (alpha-1). In the very near future, BlueStacks will let you select from over 400,000 Android apps to play on your Mac.

The alpha version of this app is available as a free download from the BlueStacks website.

Source: Mac Rumors

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