Samsung To Keep $200 Million Aside Only To Fight Apple

Samsung building

Some may call this determination to win, some may call it stubborn attitude.

Despite already losing so much, instead of going for an out-of-court settlement, Samsung has decided to fight against Apple as long as it can.

Samsung CEO Choi Gee-sung said that Samsung would be revamping the strategy of legal battle against Apple in 2012. Bragging about the small victory where a US court refused to ban the sales of Samsung products in US markets, Samsung CEO said that Samsung’s victory in Paris would be a big blow for Apple. Gee-sung confirmed that Samsung had created a US $ 200 million war chest that the South Korea based vendor will use to fight the court-battle against Apple.

The chain of lawsuits and counter-lawsuits started between few months ago, when the sales of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 were banned in Australia after Apple sued Samsung on the grounds that the Galaxy Tab’s design had been copied from iPad which amounts to Patent infringement. Though lifted in the first week of December, the ban was extended later till 9 December 2011.

Samsung has also sued Apple in various countries and in Australia, a lawsuit filed by Samsung that seeks ban on the sales of Apple products in Australia is to be heard in March 2012.

The decision to use $200 million shows that Samsung is going to fight Apple more aggressively. What will be the outcome? Only time knows.

Source: BGR

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