Samsung Apple showdown in March 2012

Samsung Apple Legal Battle

As the legal tussle between Apple and Samsung heats up, the two electronics giants are ready for another showdown in March 2012.

Though case would come for a hearing in an Australian court in March, till then no product of Apple would be banned from Australian stores. Apple can still sell iPhone for four months in Australia, even though Samsung aims to ban the sales of iPhone 4S in Australia.

Apple and Samsung have been involved in the legal battle in ten countries, accusing each other of infringing patents. Samsung went up-in-arms against Apple since the sales of Galaxy Tab 10.5 were banned in Australia after judge agreed with Apple’s claims that the design of Samsung gadget was copied from iPad.

After suffering a string of legal defeats, Samsung has demanded to know the source code of iPhone 4S and the details of contracts that Apple has signed with Australian carriers. In a first, Samsung did get an upper hand when Apple was asked to share details with Samsung.

Who will gain the upper hand this time? Will someone have the last laugh? Only time can tell.

Source: Reuters

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